All Lyophilizer Solutions Under One Roof

Lyophilizer Manufacturing
We meticulously engineer Lyophilizer systems to meet the design qualifications for customers. We cater to guiding customers through manufacturing, industry-standard trials, and FAT. Our services extend to seamless installation and comprehensive training, including regular on-site sessions for peak performance and minimal downtime.
Custom Modifications and Process Refinement
We provide services for custom modifications to machine design or replacement of various components our solutions are tailored to technical suitability and stability. Process development focuses on optimizing product and process duration within the system, allowing for reduced processing times and achieving optimal output.
Support Services (Hardware and Software)
We provide services to customers with Lyophilizers from various suppliers/manufacturers, offering options such as AMC or daily chargeable rates. Furthermore, we offer software support including SCADA upgrades from older versions to the latest ones compatible with Windows 7 or Windows 10 Pro, along with lifetime support.
Refubrished Lyophilizers
We offer refurbished, branded Lyophilizers at substantially reduced costs, accompanied by service warranty support. This option enables customers to reduce risks and capital expenditure while still receiving comprehensive support.